Red Lamp Black Piano Authors

Pictured above: Emer Martin, Dermot Bolger, Maeve O’Sullivan, Philip Casey

Authors featured in Red Lamp Black Piano:

Annie Bell-Davies, fiction – “Danse Macabre”; Anthony Jones, poetry – “Birthday Poem”;
Billy Roche, fiction – “The Day Off”; Clare Scott, poetry – “Community Matters”;
Chris Ozzard, Poetry –  “In the centre”; Dermot Bolger, poetry (Dublin) – “While we Sleep”;
Dominic Williams, poetry – “Mary”; Drucilla Wall, poetry – “Lifeguard”;
Eamonn Wall, poetry – “A Derelict Site in an Imaginary Town”; 
Emer Martin, fiction  – “I Sing Of Beauteous Dublin Town”; 
Eoin Colfer, fiction – “The Seal’s Fate”; Erin Fornoff, poetry – “Facepainting”;
Helena Mulkerns, fiction – “Mare Rubrum”; Jackie Hayden, humour – “The Wex Factor”;
Jim Maguire, poetry – “Only Us”; Kate Dempsey, poetry (Dublin) – “The Full Experience”;
Kevin Connelly, poetry – “Autumn, in a time of Climate Change”;
Margaret Breen, poetry – “Finders – Keepers”; Maeve O’Sullivan, poetry – “Loose Haiku”;
Margaret Hawkins, social history – excerpt from “Restless Spirit”;
Niall Wall, poetry – “Love and Loss”; Oran Ryan, sci-fi – “Christmas 1947”; 
Patrick Chapman, poetry – “The Knife”; Patrick Kehoe, poetry (Wexford)  “Crepuscular”
Paul Harris, – “Recycled”; Paul O’Reilly, fiction – “Wobble”;
Paul Tylak, fiction “The Jump”; Peter Murphy, essay – “Sounds of the River – A lost Anthology”;
Philip Casey – “Hamburg Woman’s Song”; Ross Hattaway, satire – “Leadership”;
Sarah Maria Griffin, poetry – “You Asked Me if The Cold Weather Reminded me of Home”;
Simone Mansell-Broome, poetry – “No rain in the desert”;
Stephen James Smith, poetry – “The Gardener”; 
Susan Lanigan, fiction – “The Loan”; Suzanne Power, poetry – “Watermarks”;
Tom Mooney, poetry – “Lines Inspired By Flamingo Sketches”;
Waylon Gary White Deer, fiction – “Revolutionaries”; Westley Barnes, poetry – “A Neurotic Girl”