Crossing Borders

living and learning together in a colourful world

By Jenny Wickford and Fatumo Osman

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Our Spring 2018 title couldn’t be more appropriate, with its timely and positive theme. Authors Jenny Wickford and Fatumo Osman come from very different backgrounds, having both grown up outside of Sweden, but each moving there when they were 19. Jenny grew up in Pakistan, then moved to Sweden, the home of her parents. Fatumo came to Sweden after fleeing from the civil war in Somalia.

They formed an instant bond, sharing stories and thoughts about the changes they experienced in the move from their homes of nearly two decades to a different country. They realised that, as people, there are more similarities than differences between us.

Crossing Borders explores various aspects of what it means to live together in this very diverse world. The increasing possibilities of travel, whether by force or by choice, has brought people together in a way like never before. It has also triggered the building of walls, the hardening of borders. For whatever reason, it is the coming together of people which inspires the book, at a time when this subject is more important than ever.

Crossing Borders provides a refreshing viewpoint in an informed but accessible way.  Both authors currently work in academia and have completed extensive research in the subject, but – importantly – they have both spent years in practical application of their metiers. Crossing Borders considers their thoughts and experiences about the world and what it means to live in it, colourfully! Crossing Borders is a book about contemporary living.  All proceeds go towards the women’s wellbeing project: